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Text Nov 10th 2015


Timeless, Ageless Style

Timeless, Ageless Style –  How good do you reckon you are at working out someone’s age by how they dress? Do you think people get stuck in a rut and migrate to an age specific ‘look’ as they mature, instead of developing a personal style? So many

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Know and love they body.

Know and love they body. ‘You’ve got to accentuate the positive and illuminate the negative…’   We all need to get to know our bodies better and love them more. The problem is we are too tough on ourselves. When we look in that full length mirror

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Happy New Year and to celebrate I’m offering 20% off all my services!

I hope you all had a good Christmas and are feeling positive about 2020! January can sometime seem like a tricky month after the excesses of Christmas it’s often a time for a fresh start, whether that’s regard to your diet or wardrobe, it can sometimes be

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Small ways you can make your wardrobe more ethical.

                        Small  ways you can make your  wardrobe  more  ethical: Earlier this summer Barnado’s released a study that estimated Brits will spend £800 million on outfits for a summer wedding that they’ll only wear once. They also calculated

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