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Text Nov 10th 2015


Packing light! Hand luggage only.

  How to do hand luggage only successfully –                   I’ve recently been asked my advice about holiday packing, a question that, understandably I seem to be asked a lot this time of year. So, if you want to

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Perfect jeans – how many sizes are you?

How to overcome variation in sizes when shopping for jeans –                   I’m sure you’ve gone on a quest for your ‘perfect jeans’ only to be disappointed that that your normal size doesn’t really fit. There seems to be

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Save the date – Swish Party!

Swish – Clothes Swapping Party! Evening of Thursday 26th September            300,000 tonnes of clothing are thrown away each year in the UK. Together, lets help put a stop to this and make fashion more sustainable.   So come and join me for a

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The Power of Accessories.

  How do you accessorise an outfit?         You wouldn’t see me dead without accessories – I love them and don’t leave the house with some sort of jewellery but when I talk about accessories I’m referring to more than just jewellery or the

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