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Text Nov 10th 2015


Dressing for Autumn

How easy are you finding the autumn transition? I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s easy – just throw a jumper or a biker jacket over your summer dress and replace sandals with trainers or ankle boots and you’re good to go! Sometimes easier said than done… The

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Autumn/Winter Trends 2018

What to wear this season? Autumn is definitely here and we’ve now started to layer up which means it’s the perfect time to check out your autumn wardrobe – try a few things on, remind yourself what goes with what, what you might need to replace and

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How to make your wardrobe more sustainable

How to make your wardrobe more sustainable… In fashion, ‘sustainability’ has become a fashionable term. However, I am not going to be banging on about buying more garments that come from a sustainable source. By all means explore this option but garments that are truly sustainable tend

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Holiday Packing – how to do it!

Holiday packing and how to do it!   –  Whether you’re planning a week away in the sun or a weekend break in the UK, the issue of what to pack can be a dilemma. It’s easier if you are going somewhere warm but if you’re holidaying in

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