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Text Nov 10th 2015


Party dresses and wedding outfits…the dilemma of what to wear?

It can often be tricky to find that perfect dress that you know you’ll feel just right in and can wear again, so before you head to the shops or search through the internet, let me help by reminding you of some basic principles of what you

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Frame by Frame – Choosing the right (sun?) glasses for you.

Styling your specs to suit your personality and features – Pretty much all of us wear some sort of specs, for the sun, reading, driving… so how do you get on when you’re choosing new frames?   I’m like a kid in a sweetie shop – I

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From the feet up!

From the feet up!     –   making sure your footwear compliments your outfit.               I was thinking of buying a new pair of trousers the other day…so why am I telling you this? Because they were what I’d consider to be ‘fashionable’.

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What’s your Personal Style?

What’s your personal style and how do you find it?           Would you say you were more of a classic dresser or a bit eclectic? A minimalist or a tad bohemian? How do you understand your personality style and how will it help

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