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Save the date – Swish Party!

Swish – Clothes Swapping Party! Evening of Thursday 26th September            300,000 tonnes of clothing are thrown away each year in the UK. Together, lets help put a stop to this and make fashion more sustainable.   So come and join me for a

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The Power of Accessories.

  How do you accessorise an outfit?         You wouldn’t see me dead without accessories – I love them and don’t leave the house with some sort of jewellery but when I talk about accessories I’m referring to more than just jewellery or the

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What to wear this Spring?

What to wear this Spring?                       Well, the weather might not feel quite as ‘Spring like’ as it did but it’s only just around the corner, so now is a good time to think about what key

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Wardrobe Wellness

Wardrobe Wellness – How positive do you feel when you go through your wardrobe each day trying to find something to wear? Is it time to give your wardrobe a health check??                       I recently read an

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