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Saturday Night Fever!

Saturday Night Fever   John Travolta always dressed to perfection in the film ‘Saturday Night Fever’ but it’s not quite that easy. You’d have thought we’d have it nailed by now! However, it doesn’t quite work like that.   Finding the right outfit for Saturday night shouldn’t

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Does my bum look big in this?

Does my bum look big in this?                                             Do you look in the mirror and ‘see’ the negative bits, the lumps and bumps, wish you had longer

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I want to talk about the ‘M’ WORD – MENOPAUSE

Many women dread the thought of this because it is surrounded by negativity and challenges to our bodies, often requiring us to develop different coping strategies. Everyone’s experience can be different but on the whole I think it’s something that women are generally daunted by because it

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What colour should I be wearing?

  Well, if you ask this question now – Spring/Summer 2017, the answer would surely be pink! But what good is that to you? Have you any idea how many shades of pink are out there? Baker-Miller pink, Mountbatten pink, Puce, Fuchsia, Shocking pink, Fluorescent pink, Amaranth,

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